Kr'mchekian (krim-CHEH-kee-in) - Hailing from planet Scolateen (SKOH-luh-teen), the Kr'mchekian race are famous for their spiced beverages, and hospitable nature.
╪⌴⎔⌴☈ (zoo-KOO-ihk) - On planet Tania (TAWN-yuh) these creatures speak using an intense rhythm of tentacle slaps, in what could easily be misconstrued as clapping. You can tell the general age of a ╪⌴⎔⌴☈ by the length of their three main tentacles, as these limbs don't stop growing during their lifespan.
Grotux (GROH-duhks) - No one knows quite where the Grotux originated, but they can be found on all planets in the Snail Shell Galaxy. The Grotux of Ihiri (ee-HEE-ree) have started an intergalactic resort in the high canopy, renowned for its Grotux Deep-Tissue Gressage. A great retreat when in a nearby cluster!
Ateasnibs (uh-TEE-uh-snihbs) - In all of our years exploring the cosmos, we've only ever run into one Ateasnib; oddly enough on planet Scolateen. Not much is known about these creatures, but their lifespan is rumored to be infinite. We hope that wherever he is in the universe, he's thinking about us.
Stræx (STRAYKSS) - Collectors of wonderous things, the Stræx are somewhat of traveling merchants; peddling their odds and ends all across the universe. Frowned upon by many developed species, the Stræx are not above selling overpowered alien tech to underdeveloped planets.
Br℥rkr℥th (BREER-kreeth) - Commonly known as "Feedback Vegetables," this fungus is burnt by the sages of planet Indoabos (in-DOH-uh-bohs) for ritualistic purposes; earning its moniker for its seemingly cyclic nature, where the beginning and end wrap together. Learn all about this powerful fun guy on our latest album, A Collection of Sci-Fi Shorts!
Anmynphets (AN-min-fetss) - In a figure-eight galaxy on the outskirts of the TLS7 Supercluster is a planet known as Kartum Arras (KAR-tum AIR-ihss), whose inhabitants show infatuation by fluttering their eyelashes, releasing a sparkling dust into the air. If you ever catch eyes with an Anmynphet, and see a glimpse of sparkle, know that you'll be considered a lifelong friend.
Moog (MOHG) - This is the clearest known depiction of these illusive creatures; the Moog tend to always be moving, and are near impossible to capture with standard documentation equipment. Legend has it they send their outcasts to die alone on distant planets, forever blurred in dense forests.
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